"Circle in a Square takes this album release to the edge of folk music.  This album is truly a wonderful compilation of songs that are heartfelt and are performed masterfully." - Roots Music Report from the 5 star review

I am very intrigued by what I have heard, some great songs with an individual voice and identity.  You are definitely on the right track.  - Scott Mathews: Grammy and Oscar winning producer with numerable gold and platinum records.  

"Your cd is very enjoyable and we'll get that into regular on-air rotation.  Congrats on a fine album." - John Roths: Music Director of KEOS 89.1, College Station, TX

"This album is great and perfectly fits the format of my show.  I will give it significant airplay." - Mathias Andrieu: Host of Keep it Country, NSEO 95.2, Paris, France